Awkward Sexual Adventure Naughty Fun

By Liz Braun
Toronto Sun; April 18, 2013

A low-budget Canadian sex farce about an accountant and a stripper is full of surprises, all of them good.

My Awkward Sexual Adventure is not just unexpectedly funny and naughty but also involves terrific physical comedy from star Jonas Chernick, who wrote the script.

Jordan (Chernick) is a dull accountant. As the amusing opening scene in My Awkward Sexual Adventure illustrates, Jordan is also bad in bed. And by 'bad' we don't mean 'good'.

His lacklustre performance causes his girlfriend to break up with him just as he proposes. Poor Jordan! He flees to Toronto to get guidance from a randy friend (Vik Sahay, absolutely hilarious here as a womanizer); then he meets Julia (Emily Hampshire), a stripper who offers platonic sexual guidance in return for financial advice. They do not meet cute. Julia takes pity on a drunk and pants-less Jordan and lets him sleep it off at her place.

Jordan confesses to Julia that he needs instruction to improve his game, and she agrees to have him as a student -- if he'll fix her precarious financial situation. Jordan goes through her bills, creates a budget and suggests a loan to consolidate her debts. In return, Julia teaches him to talk dirty, avoid premature ejaculation, get in touch with his feminine side, take charge of a relationship and find alternatives to the missionary position.

And people wonder about the imbalance of power between men and women.

Jordan and Julia start to fall in love, as you'd expect. Some conflict is drummed up in a jiffy when Jordan's old girlfriend turns up in Toronto and wants him back, but all's well that ends well.

My Awkward Sexual Adventure has its fair share of juvenile visual jokes, but plenty of fast and furious dialogue more than makes up for that. The film manages to be sexually graphic yet simultaneously effervescent with humour and an endearing innocence; that's quite a feat. And the performances are gung-ho funny.

It appears that all involved are having a very good time.

TIFF named My Awkward Sexual Adventure one of Canada's Top Ten Films in 2012. The movie was a hit with film festival audiences all over the world, and was named Best Feature by viewers at both Whistler and the Calgary film festivals.

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